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Cheap travel destinations

When it comes to Cheap travel destinations, currency will determine exactly how cheap a destination is. However, in saying that, some destinations are cheaper than others in terms of food and accommodation. Regardless of how cheap a destination is, another factor to consider is safety. The countries listed below have been selected not only because they’re cheap travel destinations, but also because in general they’re safe to visit. However, always remember to be aware of any potential scams and your surroundings. It is also recommended not to engage in heavy drinking or drug use where you can become vulnerable. 

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Thailand, a country in Southeast Asia, is a popular cheap travel destination with good accommodation, food, and overall low prices. Roughly $15 – $30 USD (United States Dollar) per day, per person, is all you will need if you’re backpacking the country. This amount takes into account accommodation, transport, and food. The Thai baht (THB) is the official currency of the country. In terms of fun things to do, costs will vary depending on the activity. There is a lot of fun things to do in Thailand, and it is recommended you do your research on the costs of certain activities before you visit. 


Vietnam is another popular country in Southeast Asia that will give you good bang for your buck. You only need a couple of dollars to purchase amazing authentic Vietnamese food. Depending on what you’re planning to do, usually if you’re sightseeing you will not need to spend much in Vietnam. The official currency for Vietnam is the Vietnamese dong (VND). The countries most expensive city is Ho Chi Minh, then after comes its capital Hanoi. Regardless, $1300 a month, not taking into account extravagant spending, should be enough for a couple to live a good lifestyle in either city.  


Another cheap travel destination is India, a country located in South Asia. The official currency for the country is the Indian Rupee (RS). If you plan on visiting India, $40-60 USD per day per person, will be enough to get through the day comfortably. This amount takes into account accommodation, transport, and food. On average in India, roughly $7.5 USD will get you a decent meal. It has been reported that the cost of living in India, is 65% less than living in the United States (US). 

Cook Islands

Cook Islands is an Island country consisting of 15 islands. Its capital city is Avarua, on one of the islands called Rarotonga. The Cook Islands is a cheap travel destination where you have multiple islands to visit, all at relatively the same low cost. Due to the Cook Islands affordability, that’s one of the reasons why tourism is the main industry in the Cook Islands. The official currency in the Cook Islands is the New Zealand Dollar (NZD). When looking at decent accommodation, food, and transportation, the average amount required would be about $95 USD per day for a couple. Overall, when compared to the countries above, Cook Islands will set you back a little more.