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How to save money

Save money. It is an important skill to learn. You need to save money as you never know when you will need money to help friends or family, or for an emergency. It is not wise to spend all your funds or go on living paycheck to paycheck. You do not want to be taking out loans with interest or going through the troubles of borrowing money.


Learn to budget and then write out your budget to save money. By this I mean, working out how much your earning, and then calculating how much you will spend on groceries, bills, other necessary expenses, and how much you will have left over. From this you will work out how much you are able to put aside into savings. How much you can spend on fun, enjoyment activities, and luxury goods. 

You need to stick to your budget. This could require you having to sacrifice doing what you love including hanging out with friends or forgoing unnecessary items. The more you begin to do this, the more in control you will begin to feel. It will get easier, and the more part of your daily routine it will become.

Wants and Needs

To help with keeping within your budget, ask yourself before you purchase any items if it is a want or a need. Do you really need the item, or do you just want it? A need is something required for your survival whereas a want is something you can survive without. A lot of us get caught up buying items we do not need, things we just want for the sake of making us feeling good. Do not fall into the trap of being dependent on purchasing to make yourself feel better. This is one of the downfalls of our mainstream consumerism materialistic tendencies in society today.

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