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Top 5 must have accessories before you travel

Top 5 must have accessories before you travel

Before you begin travelling domestically or internationally, there are must have accessories before your travel. It is imperative that you have everything that you will need on your travel with you. Nothing is worse than travelling and realizing you need a specific item or tool in order to carry out an activity. 

Though there may be many items you require to obtain before you travel, today we discuss the top 5 must have accessories before you travel. These items will ensure you travel is hassle-free. Especially if you are in isolated areas of the world, where obtaining accessories can be difficult. 

It is always better to be prepared.

1. International Universal Travel Adaptor

Number one on the list of must have accessories before you travel is an international universal travel adaptor. This will be beneficial for those travelling internationally and to multiple international countries. You will need an international universal travel adaptor to ensure you are able to charge your electronic possessions in other countries and regions. 

When choosing an international universal travel adaptor, it is encouraged you pick up that is compatible with multiple countries. This is because if you look after it you can use it in the future when you go to other countries. Also, during your trip if you decide to change destination, you can also use such an adaptor. 

A good international universal travel adaptor should also be able to supply enough wattage to charge all your common electronics. 

2. Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Number two on the list of must have accessories before you travel is a Portable Bluetooth Speaker. Often you will check into hotel or motel rooms, campsites and it will be valuable to have a speaker with you. 

In case you make new friends and invite them as visitors or you are having some down time to yourself or like music in the shower, it would help to have a portable Bluetooth speaker with you. 

Not only will it be convenient to have music or radio, but portable Bluetooth speakers are lightweight, durable, and can easily fit in your luggage or carry on within taking up too much weight. 

3. Mini First Aid Kit

 Number three on the list of must have accessories before you travel is a Mini First Aid Kit. It is worth considering that there is always the possibility of being hurt while travelling. Medical assistant may not always be nearby. Having a first aid kit can help with an injury or in the meantime of an injury until you are able to make it to an emergency department. 

It is important to always have a first aid kit nearby as you never know when you will need it. Moreover, you do no know what dangers and risks are always in new locations and countries, along with some terrain being less forgiving then another. 

4. Cable Luggage Locks

Number four on the list of must have accessories before you travel is Cable Luggage Locks. Since when travelling you never know who is going to handle your luggage or who encounters it, it is good to always be safely assured that your luggage remains locked. This will prevent items you are unsure of entering into your luggage and items going missing out of your luggage. 

There may be destinations you visit where you will be living out of your suitcase due to a lack of time or cupboards or situations where you’re at campsites and other remote areas. These are times when securing your baggage is always crucial.

Cable luggage locks do not weigh too much either, are quite strong , and do a brillant job. We recommend Cable Luggage locks that do not require a key. This is because you may lose the key and not have a spare, putting yourself in a difficult situation.

We recommend Cable Luggage Locks that operate by way of security code. The instructions in setting up is easy, and it will ensure you do not have to worry about keys.

5. Breathalyzer

Number five on the list of must have accessories before you travel is a Breathalyzer. In the event you purchase or hire a vehicle while overseas, you may find yourself requiring to drive after consuming alcohol. Thus, a breathalyzer is a must have accessory before you travel. 

Importantly, every country has its own drink driving alcohol limit, so be sure to know the alcohol drink driving limit before you get behind the wheel. 

A Breathalyzer will save you in situations where otherwise you will be taking a drink driving risk as you will be unsure. Having a Breathalyzer as an accessory before you travel will mean you can be more confident that there is a less likely chance of falling foul of drink driving laws while in different jurisdictions.